Stefan and Aurora's relationship is very distant. In fact, Stefan didn't even show affection towards Aurora, as when she hugged him, he didn't hug her back. In Addition, Stefan does not seem to miss his daughter after she was taken to the forest as a baby, as he only focused on killing Maleficent.

Maleficent Edit

After Stefan stole Maleficent's wings, he became the new king of the human kingdom and the husband of his predecessor's daughter, Queen Leila. The two had a daughter named Aurora. Maleficent, heartbroken and furious of his betrayal, cursed her that she will fall into a "sleep-like-death", which can be only broken by true love's kiss. Stefan, wanting to prevent the curse from happening, orders the three flower pixies to raise her in the forest until the day of her sixteen birthday is over.

Stefan did not see Aurora for the next sixteen years, and during this period of time, his wife, Leila, died, though Stefan didn't care. After Aurora returns. she hugs him, but he only says to her that she looks like her mother, and then tells the guards to lock her in her room, which saddens Aurora.

After Aurora fell into her sleep-like-death, Stefan scolds the flower pixies for returning the princess on her sixteenth birthday. After Maleficent undoes her own curse on Aurora, Aurora, realizing that her father does not have any feelings towards her, helps Maleficent by freeing her wings. After Stefan died, Aurora became the new queen of both the human kingdom and the moors.

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