Title Queen Leila Of Human Realm

Other Known Names None

Age Unknown, Possibly 40s or 50s

Gender Female

Species Human

Status Deceased

Occupation Queen consort

Alignment Neutral (Possibly)

Origin The Castle

Family Members King Henry (father); King Stefan (husband); Princess Aurora (daughter)

Powers and Abilities None

Portrayed By Hannah New

Queen Leila was King Henry's daughter. She married King Stefan and later gave birth to Princess Aurora. Years after Aurora's birth, she contracted a severe illness and died.

Physical Appearance Edit

Queen Leila has a slender body, slim body, and a very beautiful face; her beauty is clearly inherited by Aurora. Her appearance in the film is minimal, unlike Stefan. Her true age is unknown because of her untimely death.

Origin Edit

As a queen, Leila wears a large, white royal headdress with a queen's tiara on top of it. Her dress has a large furry frill with an innocent white color with straight sleeves and silver sparkling shoes.

Maleficent Edit

She is seated on her throne beside King Stefan as the kingdom celebrates the birth of their daughter, Princess Aurora. The celebration in the throne room is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Maleficent, whose appearance visibly worries Leila and angers Stefan. She watches in horror as the evil fairy places her curse on the infant.

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • Hannah New was portrayed Queen Leila but she was a minor character.
  • In Sleeping Beauty, Queen Leila is actually resembling Queen Leah, the previous woman who stands as Aurora's mother
  • Unlike Stefan, she was not an antagonist. She was a protagonist.

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