Maleficent and Aurora's relationship is extremely close, resembling a mother and daughter relationship.


At first, Maleficent cursed Aurora, Stefan's daughter, when she was a baby at her christening, as Stefan and his wife, Leila, were staring in horror. She hated infant Aurora, and she called her "Beastie", and tried to scare her, but Aurora just smiled at her.

Since watching Aurora over her childhood years, Maleficent soon grew a love for this beautiful child. One day Aurora thought that Maleficent was her faerie godmother and often visited the Moors while Maleficent tried to stop the curse but she herself had said no power on Earth could cure it apart from true love's kiss. But on Aurora's 16th birthday, she had been pricked by a spinning wheel and Maleficent gave her a true love's kiss. From that day on, Aurora was the Queen of the Moors and Queen of the Human Land, as Stefan had plummeted to his death, and Maleficent now became the guardian of the Moors and became Aurora's godmother.