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Pages Styles

Character Pages

Here you'll see the character pages' style. Before you edit or create a character page, you must read this:

  • The template and the info at the start: Characters pages must have a template and an info at the beginning. When you're writing the info, try not to tell much about the character story, because the story will be written at the Maleficent section.
  • Physical Appearance Section: Here you describe the character's physical appearance that appears throughout the film. You can talk about the character's clothing and about hair color, eye color and things like that.
  • Personality Section: Describe the way the characters behave or act throughout the film. Simply put if he or she is vengeful, ambitious, wicked, lovely, and add something to justify it (not always necessary).
  • Origin Section: Here it is important to not say the character's entire story, just the beginning, where they come from or how they grew up.
  • Powers and Abilities: This section only appears if the character possess supernatural powers. So if the character is seen using magical powers, simply describe it.
  • Maleficent Section: Here is written the character's story throughout the film.
  • Relationships Section: Here, you describe the character's relationship with another character.
  • Gallery Section: Place "Go to Character/Gallery", but if the character doesn't have an important role in the film, just put few images in this section.
  • Notes Section: Put some curiosities about the character or things that the character is related.

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