Title King Henry Of Human Realm

Gender Male

Species Human

Status Deceased

Occupation King

Alignment Bad

Origin The Castle

Family Members Leila (daughter); Stefan (son-in-law); Aurora (granddaughter)

Powers and Abilities None

Portrayed By Kenneth Cranham

King Henry was a vain and greedy man that aimed to take over the Moors and its treasures. During an attempt to invade the fairy kingdom, King Henry was gravely wounded by Maleficent and got a severe illness. Wanting revenge, he declared that whoever kills Maleficent shall become the new king.

Physical Appearance Edit

King Henry was an elderly man with a white beard and mustache. Despite being old, he was still strong enough to lead his army into battle against Maleficent.

Origin Edit

Nothing is known about King Henry except that he was a greedy, vain, and unpleasant man that ruled the human kingdom for a long time. He's also the father of Queen Leila.

Maleficent Edit

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Gallery Edit

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Notes Edit

  • It seems that King Henry had no male heirs and no chance of fathering an heir, as he promised his kingdom to whomever was able to slay Maleficent.