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Fairies are magical creatures that inhabits an magical forest known as the Moors. Most of them have wings, they are friendly and their appearance vary. Their weakness is iron. The strongest of the fairies is Maleficent.

Types of Faeries Edit

  • Water Fairy: Luminous blue creature with a tiny mermaid like body
  • Wallerbog: Tiny body with small trunks, their body color vary (blue, beige) and they're very playful
  • Hedgehog Faerie: Tiny body with hedgehog like appearance
  • Mushroom Faerie: They have an elderly appearance and their body is covered in mushrooms
  • Leaf Fairy: Tiny body covered in leafs
  • Pixies: These creatures are tiny creatures, with appearance of a beautiful woman, they possess insect wings and magical powers.
  • Unnamed Creatures

Known Faeries Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Fairies are immortals, and can live forever unless they are getting killed. That was demonstrated as Maleficent kept her youth even decades after she came to maturity, and as, after they return to their fairy form, Knotgrass, Flittle and Thistlewit looked exactly the same as they looked sixteen years before.

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